Buying stocks abroad is diversification strategy

Buying stocks from foreign companies may be a good diversification strategy. It helps, for example, to minimize the volatilities faced in the domestic stock market. 

With this strategy, the investor is able to capture the economic growth of a country reflected in the profits of the companies that operate in its territory, consequently, in the papers issued by these companies. 

In the case of Brazilian companies that choose to list their roles only in the foreign market, the investment is interesting for those who believe in the potential of these companies. 

Before making the decision for this type of operations, it is necessary to keep in mind that the costs are not negligible and also to be alert to minimum procedures. 

In addition to the need to have an account with a broker or bank abroad, you must consider taxes and other fees charged in the purchase and sale of shares. 

For those interested in investing abroad, the first step is to research a bank or brokerage. The investor needs to know the documentation needed to open the account and know if it has the minimum amount needed to maintain it. 

It is also recommended to analyze how the investor will transfer the money abroad, at what rates and to be attentive to currency conversion in the process. Just like investing in the stock market in Brazil, buying shares of companies abroad has to focus on the long term, in order to minimize the risks of any turmoil in the market that could jeopardize stock value. 

One tip is that, for the small investor, this percentage allocated abroad is part of the slice for variable income – it is fundamental to diversify and not to concentrate all the resources in a single type of investment and in a single risk spectrum. In addition, this type of step is only recommended for those who already feel familiar with the domestic variable income market, considering that the external has its own dynamics and requires a more in-depth study of the risks of the other country and the companies in which the investor is interested in buying shares.

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